The first thing you want to set is the view to custom and the display to 1:1.

Open the fill and stroke menu.

Open the align and distribute objects menu.

Create a circle.

Hold shift+ctrl on the keyboard and click. Drag it into the canvas to make a perfectly round circle. And then go back to the select tool.

Click the locked button and make the width 500 px

Drop the opacity so we could see through the circle.

Right click and duplicate.

Resize the duplicated circle into 175 px.

Center on vertical axis with realative to the last selected.

Center on horizontal axis.

Select the two circles and open the path menu, select difference. Right click and duplicate. Turn the colour into red. Resize the duplicated circle little bit larger by hitting Ctrl+0 four times.

Create a rectangle going over half of the doughnut.

Select the red hollow circle and the rectangle and then select path, click difference.

Edit path by notes

Click and drag between the nodes.

Select the handle and shift it, so it’s parallel with this handle. Bring it down a bit. Repeat it on the other side of the node.

Select two nodes and then hit insert new nodes.

Click and drag up the middle node. Adjust the handle, so it’s horizontally align by holding ctrl.

Do the same thing over the other side.



Duplicate and set the colour into black Lower selection one step (page down)

Select the black toping and int the stroke pain select flat color.

In the stroke style select edit the width 25 px, select rounded join and rounded cap.

Select Path and stroke to path.

Select Path and break apart. Select Path and union.

Press F7 on the keyboard to get our dropper tool and click on the brown segment


Path inset or ctrl+9 in windows or command+9 few times.

Duplicate the white part.

Duplicate the brown top layer

Path and select intersection

Create a circle without a stroke Duplicate the circle and shift it by holding ctrl.

Select all of them and on path select union

Duplicate three times and group them

Rotate it by clicking the same object second times.

Ungroup them

Select the bites and the toping, then select path difference.

Repeat the process for all layers

Create a rounded rectangle by having a fillet

Duplicate the rectangle and shift it all over the topings. Change the colours.