2D Design with TinkerCAD

Technical Drawing

This technical drawing helps you to know the dimension of the object that we would like to draw.


Place a box and resize the dimension like the picture above.

Place a cylinder hole and resize the dimension and locate it correctly given from the technical drawing.

Copy and paste the cylinder hole and relocate it according to the the technical drawing.

Create another cylinder hole with 3.2 mm in diameter and locate it using the ruler. Copy paste the 3.2 mm hole and relocate them. Copy paste the 3.2 mm again to fit them with an Arduino Uno board.


Create a 3mm box Create a 6mm hole cylinder Align the 6 mm cylinder to the corner of the 3mm box. Combine the cylinder with the box and change it into the hole mode. Duplicate them and put the filet hole to the four corner of the working piece using the aligment tool. This is the final result