How to install Atom Editor on Computer

What is ATOM?

Atom is a hackable text editor for the 21st century.

It is a free and opensource text editor available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It’s a general-purpose coding editor developed by GitHub with colorful syntax highlighting for different languages from JavaScript to HTML to SQL. It’s highly extensible, with over 8000 different free plug-in style packages available for download and installation.

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Install Atom

Open the Github release link and find the correct installation file for your operating system.

  • Mac: Use file
  • Windows: Use file AtomSetup-x64.exe or AtomSetup.exe depends on your windows version.

Download the file and install it just like other programs you did before.

Open the program you will see a welcome page like this:

Install plugins


Before coding, we need to install a plugin called “p5js-toolbar”. It can help us to code with p5js much easier.

Open atom, go to menu [Help] -> [Welcome guide]

Find [Install a packge] on the right panel: On the settings tab page you can search all the plugins avilable for install. Now we search ‘p5js-toolbar’. After the result come out, click install.

After installation, [p5js-toolbar] will come up under the menu [Packages]. Now we click [Toggle p5js toolbar]

You can find a new p5.js toolbar comes up on the top.

It has two most used function “RUN” and “+New Project”.

Now you can start to code with P5JS.