07 Face Recongition

Baic Recongition

Code Reading Time: Read the code and finish the pseudocode of how the program implements face detection.


Q&A: 1. Explain the code part which you understand. 2. Find code part you don’t understand and discuss with your partner. 3. Pick three line code which you think are the most important in this javascript file.

Emoji Game

Here comes game time! P5Editor

Small Cirlce and Largle Circle

Here comes game time! P5Editor

Object Detection

Teachable Machine is a site provides a fast, easy way to create machine learning models for your sites, apps, and more – no expertise or coding required.

Run this code and play the AI object detection game.

  1. Talk about how the AI detection can be used.
  2. Do you know some AI detection in real world?
  3. If you start a company, what business can you think of base on AI detection?
  4. Pick some object and make it detectable by the computer with this code.