Yan Zichen

Hello my name is Yan Zichen. I am twelve yeads old. I am come from Sheng Qiao Zho Xin School. I have many hobbies I like playing swimming playing Lego and playing some games. I often do some houseworks and cooking.

Thank you.

Day two.

I learn How to use the Inkscape. I use the Inkscape make a my logh. And I use the laser printer to make their own logo.

Day three.

I learn How to use the Microsoft. I know all kinds of Mixly modular. I learn How to program too.I am very interested.

Day four

I learn How to use the Tinkercad. I print my logo with a 3D printer and learn flashback. I make a own car with Mixly-Arduous,I like the car very much. I am very happy to study these days, and I learn a lot of interesting knowledge.