Nancy’s page

This is the documentation page for Nancy’s Fabo X Designer course.Please follow my progress.

Nice to meet you.This is Weng xiaonan,and you can call me Nancy.At present I am studying at Shanghai Yangjing High School.It’s great honor for me to introduce myself here.I love cats,and have interest in biology,chemistry,arts ect. From my perspective,designing is such an exciting thing that can improve my hands-on ability.I believe I’ll be able to learn more professional knowledge through this course. Five years later,I will be 21.At that time,I’m still reading in university.It will be a great success if I get into the ideal university. If not ,I won’t be so desperate.

I’m always looking forward to “great expectations,”and keeping a positive mind to everything unknown.Would you like to listen to my story about the last activity I tried for the first time? Frankly speaking,it’s never a delightful experience to study all day and night.Being a high school student for the first time is exhausted–a little fresh,as well.Being a novice makes me feel nervous,however,due to this,I have the authority to make mistakes(you had better not.)Everthing comes because of destiny.As one of the youth,why not face it bravely?

A list of my hobbies