Mi Jingtao’s Page

About Mi Jingtao

My name is Mi Jingtao and my English name is Roy. I’m a high school student from SISU Bilingual School.

My Hobbies

  1. Playing baketball

  2. Playing vedio games

  3. Watching Japanese cartoon

I want to learn the ability of autonomous learning and teamwork. I also want to be a psychologist in five years. I am learning MAD at home recently.

What is MAD

MAD means the multimedia works in the fields of video game culture and animation culture. The general work is a piece of vedio editing with a BGM and make a short vedio, it’s similar to an MV. The work was difficult at first. I have to be familiar with the plot and clips of the animation. In order to give the audience a better watching experience, I have to check out the videos and music, which will take me an afternoon to complete. However when I finished it, I felt a sense of achievement.

My MAD Work On bilibili.com

A picture of me in the dormitory