What does it do?

It walks around at night

who's done what beforehand?

As far as I know, nobody, maybe.

What did you design?

A child sitting on a monster that walks at night.

What materials and components were used?

Plastic and wood. I need a lazer cutter, a 3d printer and an Arduno, and some senors and wires.

Where did they come from?

From the lab, because I don't have any of the things I need at home, I'm afraid. So the material might be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem.

How much did they cost?

Alot, a fews hundreds, I'm afraid.QwQ

What parts and systems were made?

A moving system, which wouldn't be easy, a light and ditance system, which might be easier, and a LED system, which would be one of the simplest systems. PS: Typing is tiring.Phew!

What processes were used?

Laser cutting, 3d printing, C++ coding, AI designing,and so on.PS: Why is typing soooooo exhausting?!

What questions were answered?

What worked? What didn’t?

How was it evaluated?