About Me

Hi! My name is Max. I am 12 years old. I am from Shanghai, China. I am good at many things, including playing a gmae called clash royal, which is super fun, and you can find me in chellenger 3 right now. Yes, I am that good.

This is NOT my picture.

Some of my favorite hobbies:

Make sure to follow Marcello Tania, which happened to be my teacher right now, on Fablab O Website

My gaming portifolio

So, I am pretty good at Clash royal, and I am using a version of sparky goblin giant deck, which contains sparky, mini pekka, baby dragon, goblin giant, fireball, bats, and zap. You just place the goblin giant at the begining of the gane, and sparky behind it, put baby dragon on top of it, and it is easy with a few practices, and keep an eye out for electro wizard! Press more to learn about Fablab.

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